Healing Faith exists to educate, equip, and empower Ugandans in the battle against malaria while sharing the Love of Christ. We are beating malaria one net, one family, one day at a time in Uganda!

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Malaria is a leading cause of death for children in Uganda and the number one cause of sickness for all Ugandans. The Ugandan Ministry of Health estimates that 42 children die every single day in Uganda because of malaria. 

It truly doesn’t have to be this way.  Malaria is treatable! It costs less than $1 to test and treat a child with malaria. 

Malaria is excessively burdening families and communities in the Mayuge District where Healing Faith operates because of the district's close proximity to Lake Victoria. Mosquito populations thrive near the lake, resulting in the highest transmission rates of malaria in all of Uganda. 

Healing Faith works daily to educate, equip, and empower families in Uganda to prevent, treat, and cure malaria. We believe that with proper education, prevention, and feasible access to malaria treatment, there will be a day when families in Uganda won’t lose their children and loved ones to malaria.

Providing feasible, affordable, and timely access to malaria testing and treatment is a critical component of Healing Faith’s Malaria Outreach Program. The Healing Faith Malaria Center provides Mayuge families with a place where they can bring children and loved ones suffering from malaria. The Malaria Center is staffed with team members and medical professionals trained to test and treat malaria, hang and repair nets, and provide ongoing malaria education. 


Education and prevention are key to stopping the devastating toll malaria is taking on the villages of Uganda. Each week our Malaria Outreach Team travels throughout the Mayuge District to install life-saving mosquito nets in homes and provide crucial education about what causes malaria and how to identify the disease. 

Ending malaria deaths in Uganda is a massive challenge, but, with your help, we are making a difference one net, one test, one family, one day at a time.  Will you join us?