Update: Baby Hope

Today was an exciting day!  Baby Hope and her mother were able to return to the village after two weeks in therapy and doctor’s appointments.

I have had a friend challenge me asking “If you serve an all powerful and merciful God, why is there such injustices and suffering?  Where is your God in these situations?”  Some people would look at baby Hope and validate that statement.  Why?  I look at baby Hope and use that to validate my God.  While we do not understand everything that happens, I take comfort in knowing that if we allow it, God will be glorified.

                                                                                                Hope 2 weeks ago

Hope is a great example of God’s glory.  When we met Hope’s mother, she was in a dark place and very scared. Yet, she came to us for help, we did not know exactly what to do, but yet she came to us. How was God glorified?  His glory shone through because there is a ministry in Jinja called Ekisa that helps children with disabilities. They were able to take both the mother and the baby in and assist them in getting to see specialist. They were able to provide physical therapy for Hope. 

How was God glorified? Hope’s legs are now straightened out and she has a follow up appointments for her condition when she is 6 months old.  The specialist plan to do an MRI and possible surgery for a condition called a Tethered Spinal cord.  Hope’s mother was injured during the delivery and had been in a lot of pain.  She was able to get a surgical procedure for her injury and spent two weeks healing at Ekisa while Hope received physical therapy.

                                                                                             Hope after physical therapy

God’s glory was evident today when we picked up Hope and her mother to transport back to the village.  She had a huge smile and was thanking everyone around her.  She now has hope in her future and a hope for baby Hope’s future.  As we took them back to their home in the village it allowed us to see where they lived so that we could establish a long term relationship and check on them each week.  We were able to pray for them and share in the excitement of being back at home. 

Where was God in all of this? He was right there beside Hope's mother the day she brought her baby to us, He was right there with all the doctors, He was right there with the volunteers at Ekisa  and He was right there standing by all of our sides showing us there is hope!

~By His Grace for His Glory.

                                                                                            Hope's homecoming!

                                                              There is never a shortage of love!

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