Faith, Hope & everything in between

These last few weeks God has been making Himself known in big ways in the village.  

One of the exciting ways has been through the blessing of new lives!  There are babies everywhere in the village right now.  There seems to be a lot of that going around lately. One of the mommas that I have been able to spend time with and pray for had a new baby girl.  She was so excited to show off her new baby.  She even gave me the honor of naming her.  She was waiting for us to return to the village so that I could name her….no pressure there.  A name only stays with you…. well forever.   She is an absolutely beautiful baby girl and the name Adonai Faith came to mind.  It was a name that God had put on my heart. The name Adonai, God, gave me the ability to pray over her that she would grow to have a faith in God.

World meet Adonai Faith

 Adonai Faith and her very proud mother!

Adonai Faith and her very proud mother!

We were also introduced to a mother who had recently had twins.  The twins were not eating well and were struggling.  The mother was also not well, health wise.  During one of our visits, she passed out from dehydration and uncontrolled high blood pressure.  Towards the end of our visit she suffered from a seizure.  We were able to rush her and the twins to the hospital.  After spending the afternoon in the hospital she was able to get proper medication to control her high blood pressure. We were also able to have the twins evaluated. It was clear that both the mom and the twins needed some assistance. We were able to house them in our boy’s quarters room and allow the mom to get rest, rehydration and good nourishment.  The twins were able to get some formula and lots and lots of love and help from Hadlee. One of the huge blessings is that Serving His Children, a ministry that serves malnourished babies, was able to evaluate the twins and work with the mother.  It has an amazing group of social workers who were able to educate the mother on nutrition and assist with breast feeding.  After a day of counseling and some rest the mom and babies were ready to go back to the village.  It was a great family reunion in the village filled with lots of hugs and the encouragement of a good family structure.  The exciting thing is on a follow up visit this past week both twins were nursing well and getting bigger and stronger.

The twins

During our last visit to the village one of the teachers at the school we have developed a relationship with approached me. She told me there was a mother who really needed help. She was hanging back and was very timid about coming forward.  The mother had a 3 day old baby whose legs were “lame.”  Something caused the natural position for the baby’s legs to have the feet up by the shoulders.  You could tell the mother was very scared.  The mother also asked me to name her baby. The name Hope came to mind. Hope for her future, hope for her medical condition, hope for her mother and hope for a faith in Christ.

We were able to contact another ministry in town, Ekissa¸ who works with children with special needs. They were able to assist us in getting the mother to a great hospital in Mbale for evaluation.  Hope’s future is uncertain and she needs a lot of physical therapy and care, but there is Hope for her future with Christ.

 Pray for baby Hope

Pray for baby Hope

During all of the baby barrage another baby girl was born to a momma, Evelyn, who we have a relationship with.  She was having some prenatal issues and pain and we were able to pray for her and get her medical care.  During the time we were busy helping these other two mothers, Evelyn had a baby girl. She honored me by naming her baby girl Kari.

Meet baby Kari

It has been the season for babies! It has been a joy, honor and blessing to have met all of these mothers and to be able to share in their stories.  It has been amazing to be able to celebrate with them and share in their joy, pray with them over their babies and to stand beside them in their time of need.  My prayer is they all grow up to be strong healthy  children and most of all to know the love and joy of a relationship with Jesus Christ!

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