The Ultimate Sacrifice

I absolutely love the Christmas season!  We thought we would be back in Texas for this one, spending time with dear friends and family.  For different reasons that wasn't possible this year.  I thought facing that fact, especially as all the facebook posts poured in of others with family, Christmas
traditions being upheld, the look and feel of Christmas all around in pictures (not in Uganda!), would make me feel really sad.  I just knew there was a huge pity party in my future.

But it didn't happen.  God was so faithful to remind me of the ultimate sacrifice which made my life not worth pitying, but praising Him.  There was one before us that was the true missionary, sacrificing it all.

"He gave up his place with God and made himself nothing.  He was born to be a man and became like a servant."  Phillipians 2:7

That is true sacrifice.  That is the reason for this Christmas season.  Jesus left a place with God to come to earth.  This earth.  To be ridiculed, beaten, laughed at.....every day of his life.... all from the people he came here for.  I can't imagine that level of sacrifice.  That level of homesickness and longing to be back with God.
So, instead of being sad or disappointed in what we didn't have, I chose to focus on all the miracles and gifts all around us.  I am choosing everyday to try to give more of me for Him, in some small resemblance (very small) of the gift and sacrifice that was already made for me.

I hope you and your family had an incredible time this Christmas.  Cherishing the things that are the true gifts in our lives.  And if you found yourself alone physically, I hope you felt His love and arms wrapped tightly around you.  I hope that you allow Him to fill that loneliness when others can't.

Merry Christmas!

Making new traditions with new additions to the family
Tom & Apio

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