It's a Dog's Life!

We had a bit of a surprise left for us outside our gate a couple of days ago....... a box of puppies.
They look like German Shepherd, or at least half German.  4 of them, which made our kids think that each one was specifically placed there just for them.  They immediately each claimed one as their own, named them and started bonding before Jason and I even knew what had happened to us.
What is a mom to do?  Taking a puppy away would be heartbreaking to any kid, but to ours, it would have been extra heartbreak on top of an already very emotional month for them.

So we still have them and it looks like it is too late to turn back now.  The puppies can't be older than 3 weeks and I honestly didn't think they would even survive the night.  Each kid has been taking care of their puppy, bathing it, feeding it and is responsible for their puppy if it goes potty.

Here is the trouble..... we already have 6 dogs.  4 are for security purposes, one is a pet dachshund and the other is another stray that just hasn't found a home yet (but hopefully will very soon).  WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH 10 DOGS??

Luckily we may have a possibility.  We recently started a team house for visiting teams, interns, adopting families and other missionaries visiting the Jinja area.  That house has a large lot and will need security dogs at it as well.  We had already planned on sending two of ours there and Jason was nervous about only having 2 here, so I may have come up with a solution.  We'll have our current 2 Germans train up these pups for security.  Once they are big enough the 2 can go to the team house and the kids' 4 can guard here.  Maybe this will work?  You're right, we are just crazy.

Matthew OrtegaComment