One Day at a Time - Wednesday

Today started out with school for the kids.  Jason and I had a meeting with the NGO at 9:30am so we got started a bit earlier and then were so thankful that Meme was here to finish things up.

The meeting lasted about an hour and then we headed back to the house to finish up the last of school, help with lunch and visit with our friend Apio that helps out with both our crazy lives and with the ministry as a translator.  She had to attend a burial today for her 26yr old sister in law.  The sister-in-law was traveling home late last night after visiting with her mother, just outside of town.  They had encouraged her to stay the night, since it was late, but she was confident that she could catch a boda and make it home.  Unfortunately she didn't.  Along the way a group of guys attacked her and murdered her.  She left behind a three year old daughter.  Hearing things like this never gets easier and we hear these stories all the time.  Please say a prayer for that family.  For strength for the grandmother who is now raising her 3yr old granddaughter.

Immediately after lunch I had Luganda lessons with my tutor, while Jason readied the bags for the village.  Once a week we try to do a village day that involves our children and today was the day.  We make it more about relationship and less about medical care, but Jason still likes to be prepared in the case of an emergency, especially with malaria care.

We were a bit nervous on the ride out because there has been substantial rainfall lately and the dirt roads quickly become mud traps.  Luckily all was well, aside from a few scares with some slips and slides along the road.  Thank to 4-wheel drive we made it to Kogoma Gate.  The kids always seem to have a blast when we are out there.  Well, I should specify the older boys.  Pierce and Hadlee are still hit or miss.  Often it has to do with how much of a nap they got on the drive out there, or how much their hair has been pulled by curious children in the village. They love Pierce's white hair and blue eyes.  Sometimes they have a really great time and sometimes they are ready to leave after about 30minutes.  We still think it is so important to involve them when we can.
Karson having fun with futbol!

So, I have a hilarious story for you today.  Soon after we arrived the boys spotted a baby goat.  I mean brand new baby still with a dried umbilical cord.  They were so thrilled and this kept them occupied for most of the afternoon.  As things were wrapping up though we couldn't find Everett.  We just started to get to the concerned, when Jason finally spotted him just past the futbol field, slightly in to the woods.  Jason walked over and asked what he was doing and he said that he was hiding and trying to set the baby goat free.  He had carried it as far away as he could and with tears in his eyes said that he had to let it go because the owner of the goat said that they were going to eat it.  He was so very heartbroken.  Luckily we weren't arrested for trying to steal a goat and Jason got the goat back before anyone realized what was happening.
 Everett before the failed rescue attempt.  Such a sweet heart he has.

After a long day Meme (my mom) treated us all to one of our favorite local places for dinner and we ended the day with an amazing sunset.  God is so good!