One Day at a Time - Tuesday

After the day we had yesterday, I decided to not leave the confines of the gates of our compound today!  In reality, we just had so much that needed to be accomplished here at the house.

For the past 11 weeks I have been hosting a bible study at our house for other missionary women in the community.  We have been going through Beth Moore's study "Believing God."  It has been incredible.  We had our last weekly study last Tuesday so today we did a brunch together before we begin another one next week.  So yummy!!!  It was a beautiful morning so we met outside under the cabana and enjoyed a different breakfast item brought by each person.  It was great to have that time of fellowship together.  It was funny because one person mentioned that they had seen macaroni and cheese in town and I really thought the brunch might end just then so everyone could go see if there was any left on the shelves.  

While I was enjoying ladies' time, Jason was doing home school with the kids.  As an offer of gratitude, I slipped him a plate of all the delicious breakfast foods!  Every Tuesday he has has the task of keeping the kids occupied so we could have our time together, so it was a well deserved cinnamon roll!

Lunch today was rice, beans  and pineapple.  We usually try to eat very Ugandan for our lunches and at least one to two dinners a week.  Not only is it delicious  but it really helps on our food budget.  We you can get the best pineapple you have ever tried for around $0.50, you might as well take advantage of it!

After lunch it is rest or nap time for the kids and office work for the grown ups.  Usually we are able to get most of our office work completed on Mondays, but yesterday's craziness didn't allow much time for admin stuff.  Healing Faith does not have a paid person on staff at the moment to help take care of a lot of the administrative side of things so we handle most of it ourselves with the help of an incredible volunteer staff and board back home.  Jonathan Stark of Daniel Stark Law Firm dedicates so much time and services to help with Healing Faith's finances and anything relating to the non profit side of the business.  We are so thankful for all the help that people donate to make this ministry work.

Some of the office work that keeps us busy is writing newsletters, budget reports, tracking ministry expenses and reports, dealing with lawyers on this side of things to keep work visas current, planning mission team itineraries, malaria research and more.  Usually this takes 1-2 office days for us here.

After rest/work time it was on to lawn care.  We have not had any luck locating a decent lawn mower that is in any sort of reasonable price range, but have a rather large yard to manage.  We did recently purchase two Ugandan weed eaters though........

This is Sparks and her brother's name is Johnny (football).  The kids named them!  Unfortunately even they can't keep up with the grass that grows during rainy season. So until we figure out a lawnmower solution, we have a few guys that come in with their real weed eaters about every 3 weeks and help us out.  The kids follow behind and help rake things up and there is usually always someone local that asks for the grass trimmings, so they load them up in sugar sacks.  Pierce thought it was funny today to run around pushing over the packaged grass bags.  He gets that mischievousness from his daddy!

The day wrapped up with omelets made with the freshest ingredients you can get!  All the yard work must have made the kids hungry because our family of 7 went through 2.5 dozen eggs and Mom, Jason and I only had an all together total of 7 eggs!  The weather was still amazing so we enjoyed this dinner outside under hundreds of huge fruit bats flying overhead.  Meme finished up the boys' school book, one of my favs - Pippi Longstocking, and then it was lights out.  Although Pierce always manages a way out of bed somehow.

And that is a look at our Tuesday! (No machine guns today!)
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