One Day at a Time - Sunday!

Often we get the question, "What does a normal week look like for you?".  This is an almost impossible question to answer though because we hardly have a "normal" week.  We have a weekly schedule ( I love schedules!), but I don't know that we have had one week that we have been able to complete it exactly as planned.

So, I thought I would take you through this week!  It will be quite an accomplishment for me because it would mean that I will blog each day.  Maybe this project will get me into a good routine of blogging more regularly.  Here we go...................

Sunday!!!!  I love Sundays.  Jason and I have focused more on truly making our Sundays a day of rest and a day of family time.  Focused, intentional time spent praising God, learning more about him and loving on our kids.  We have been truly blessed here by a relationship that we formed last fall with one of the rafting companies here in town, not only providing hours of entertainment to adrenaline junkies, but also doing some amazing things through their non profit.  We met them last fall when my brother-in-law was visiting and wanted to fish the Nile River.  We went through their company.  They offered to let us come swimming anytime we wanted to at no cost.  I don't know if they realized what they were offering or how much we would take them up on their offer!

Usually, at least one to two times a month, we load up in the van and head out to the pool right after church.  The pool is right on the amazingly beautiful Nile River and 80% of the time we are the only ones there on a Sunday afternoon.  Occasionally there will be the random backpacking crowd, just in from kayaking or rafting the rapids, but it is almost always peaceful.  JUST what we need at the end of one week, to renew for the start of another. 

Our Sunday this week:
- quiet time in the morning!  The kids lounge around, eat breakfast, watch a movie, while Jason and I have some coffee (for me)/ tea (for him) and time with the Lord.

- Acacia Community Church, usually 10:30-12:30, depending on Pastor Terry and the Holy Spirit within him :)

- load up the van and head to the Nile!

- Jason gets the kids in swimsuits and sunblock while I order lunch for everyone.  Even Meme gets in on the pool action. 

- the kids swim, the adults rest poolside while we wait on lunch

- while we are eating, a real treat for the kids is that the camp has a tv with cartoons!

- after forcing the kids to let their food settle, it is back to the pool, and usually we join in on the swimming at this point! 

- Once everyone is adequately water logged we head back for some more cartoon time and the adults are usually able to get in a game or two, usually Ticket to Ride or Rivals of Catan

- load up and head back to town (it is about a 20min drive to the river)

- stop at Mrs. Sheryl's for samosas!!!  These are an incredible local food that can be stuffed with just about anything.  We get the beef!  It is a palm sized, triangular, fried food that is the closest thing we have to fast food. (of course, by fast, I mean that we have to call on Saturday to place the order and be there at a certain time to pick them up on Sunday, but it is close!)  At $0.19 each, you can't really beat them after a day at the pool when no one feels like cooking.

- Usually by the time we eat and shower we are all ready for bed. 

This week was exceptionally long and Jason and I crashed by 8:45!  Man, are we getting old!
 Even the drive is peaceful and amazing!

 This time together is so needed at the end of our weeks and we are building memories that I hope the kids keep forever.

Sleepy, sleepy kids at the end of the day.  Pierce was doing the head-bob and Everett tucked him in close.

Sunday is Samosa day at the Segner house.  It only takes about 3 dozen to feed this crew.
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