Dead Ant, dead ant!

Long time, no read!  Sorry for the delay.  And I hate to start off an absence with venting, but sometimes a girl needs to vent.  And this is one of those times.  Prepare yourself for yelling.....


This is an image of the base of our window...inside.... all ants!
There! Got it out of my system.  Thanks!  There are many pest issues living in Africa, but I have to say the one that has gotten to me the most lately are these pesky ants everywhere.  It started with hordes of - for lack of a better word - piss ants.  Now, I realize that I am probably not supposed to say that word, but that is all I have ever heard them called.  Blame my upbringing (sorry Mom!).  I really don't have a potty mouth though.  In fact, ask any close friend, and they can tell you how I can barely even let myself form certain words of the English language in my head.  And then there are the few Ugandan terms for certain animals around here that make me blush every time I hear them spoken.  Not a potty mouth, but these piss ants are really starting to p*** me off!  They are everywhere.  Sometimes crawling up our wall or along our curtain in groups of thousands.  Now they have let the word get out and their larger ant friends have decided to join them in our house.  Luckily neither of these varieties seem to bite, but they get into everything. 

This morning I stumbled into the kitchen after a long night of little sleep, just anxious for some coffee to get the day going.  I patiently waited on the water to boil and was about to pour it into the french press when I happen to glance down and see that there were about 20 little ants in the water.  Had to start over.  Then I realized that I had never rinsed out my thermal coffee mug from the day before.  I dumped the remains in the sink and out with it came about 5 drowned large ants.  Ants, ants, ants. 

Vent over, thanks for listening!
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