Broken but NOT Defeated

Broken but NOT Defeated........

That pretty much sums up life right now.  I am feeling very broken lately, but underneath the weariness, emotional exhaustion, and daily craziness of life, there is still this ever present feeling of hope.  Not hope that I am finding in my circumstances, but hope in the purpose and plan that brought us here in the first place.  Hope in His promise.  Hope that even if baby Jason doesn’t live long in this earthly life, there is a larger purpose for his precious time on this earth and for his grieving parents.  This feeling inside, as words are escaping me to try to describe it, is ever present.  I have never felt the Holy Spirit in a way such  as I do right now.  This peace amongst chaos.  The knowledge, with unwavering certainty, that I am not defeated.  HE is NOT defeated.  HE has already won this battle, this war.  This feeling I can’t describe is the feeling of knowing you are on the winning team.
Matthew OrtegaComment