Mohawk Mishap

Everett had been begging me to cut his hair for a couple of weeks.  He wanted a mohawk again after a failed attempt to grow his hair out long like Karson's.  So  45 minutes before church I decided it was the perfect time.  What was I thinking?  I was in a hurry and not thinking 100% clearly and I plugged the clippers in and began the process of shaving the side.  After one good swipe, about 1/4 of his head shaved, there were sparks, a pop and a cloud of smoke.... I had forgotten to plug the clippers into a step-down.  The power here in Uganda is 240 volts, most American things will only handle 110 volts, thus the need for a step-down to convert the power.  Jason usually handles plugging in all the appliances and electronic gadgets, but I was in a hurry and was trying to get it done quickly.  So, 20 minutes before church, Everett had a big swatch shaved out of his head and the rest was long.  Most kids would have freaked out and worried about going out in public with their hair messed up.  Not Everett.  He thought it was hilarious and thought it would be so funny to go to church with his hair like that. Just another case of Everett being Everett.

Luckily another missionary family just up the street had a pair of clippers that we could borrow and Jason hopped in the car to save the day.  Walking in the door with just 18 minutes until church started, Karson kept a totally strait face and informed Jason that now the power was off (something that has been happening more frequently, so totally believable).  And that is a perfect example of Karson being Karson.....always the jokester!   Crisis adverted though and we even made it to church before the praise and worship team had finished their songs to start the service.  Life is never dull here in Uganda...
Matthew OrtegaComment