Update on Karson

Other than a couple of episodes with hives, Karson hasn’t had anymore issues since the last post.  Everett, however, has.  

The other morning Everett woke up with the same swollen face that Karson had been sporting.  It must, undoubtedly, be something biting them in their sleep.  What changed is that Karson sleeps on the top of a triple bunk bed and Everett had been on bottom, with no one in the middle.  Everett decided to move to the middle bunk, which I am assuming just put him in closer quarters to Karson’s biting bug/spider/whatever it is.  Later that day Everett also broke into hives, so I am assuming that the face swelling is the first sign and the hives are just a reaction to the poison (or whatever they are reacting to) still being in their body.

Yesterday morning Everett appeared to be a little puffy again, but nothing huge like before, but then again, just before bed, more hives.  So now we have the fun task of taking apart the beds, again, and trying to find this pesky critter.  Pests have been one of the biggest hassles for us so far.  First with bedbugs then fleas and now this creepy, biting, mysterious bug/spider.  Oh, and we can’t forget the very, very annoying ants that are everywhere.  Here is an image of them in the kitchen, late at night, after they thought we had all gone to bed!

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