Our Church Here

I wanted to try to give you all a glimpse of our lives here.  One of the hardest things to leave behind in TX was our church family.  We absolutely LOVE Brazos Fellowship and miss our friends, fellowship and the sermons so much.  God has given us another gift here in the form of Accacia Community Church.  It is a nice mixture of Ugandans and other missionaries.  The services are in the backyard of the pastor, underneath the trees, surrounded by God's beauty.  I even received quite the sunburn this past Sunday because the shade shifted after the service started.  Here are some images from a normal Sunday morning for us......
 Hadlee hasn't quite developed enough courage to attend the Sunday school class yet, so she usually sits with us and colors.  Our pastor throws a lot of "Amens" into his sermon and Hadlee never fails to answer him with her own "amen", much to the delight of the crowd!

 The family before the kids break into their own class.  We all worship together.

The worship and praise team.
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