Impromptu History Lesson

One of the many things that I have come to enjoy here in Uganda is homeschool with the kids.  It definitely is a challenge at times, having 4 kids with different needs all at one time, but it has given me a chance to see what they are each gifted with, as far as scholastics are concerned.
 With Pierce I usually try to do the basics of preschool, practicing his alphabet, counting (both in English and Luganda), colors, etc.  With Karson, I have a full second grade curriculum from Sonlight, which Hadlee and Everett both sit in on for history, bible and science.  Then the three older kids break for individual work on math, reading, handwriting, spelling and language arts, for their individual grade.  So far this has worked for us and as Pierce gets older I will probably separate them two and two.

In history we have been studying the Vikings Era.  Sonlight does a great job in tying all subjects together for one theme.  This past week however, I had to jump ahead in time and have an impromptu history lesson with Karson.

He had taken some computer paper and a stapler and disappeared to work on a creation of his own.  He was so excited to share this creation with me, but when he walked into my room for the big reveal, my facial expression greatly disturbed him.  I couldn’t hide my thoughts and it really confused him.  He had done a great job on creating a mask and hood.  This is what he walked in looking like………..

Needless to say, to help explain my look, we got on the computer and had a little history lesson.  I found an image of the KKK where he would see that his mask looked exactly what they used to wear and why it might come as a slight shock to see my little boy wearing it.  He decided his just needed a new color!
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