Field Trip Fridays

The kids and I home school and usually we are able to fit five days of work in to four school days.  That leaves us Friday free for Field Trip Fridays!  It has been very important to Jason and I to involve the kids in as many steps of our ministry here as we can.  It wasn't just our lives that changed drastically when we moved here, but theirs also.  We want them to understand what we are doing here and most importantly WHY we are here.  FTF came to be as my way of making sure that the kids stay involved.  During the week, Jason usually rotates through the kids, taking one or two with him into the villages when he can.  Fridays are our day as a family to all minister together.  We have been trying to visit different types of ministries around the area, giving the kids a glimpse of different ways that people are working together, under God's name, for His purpose.

This Friday we visited a ministry called Ekisa.  While there are many orphanages in Uganda, very few will allow children with disabilities.  Ekisa is a home for these disabled children, that so many in the rest of society here, are ready to just cast away.  We had an incredible time visiting and loving on the kids in this ministry.  Nothing makes me smile more than to see my kids get down on the floor and truly care for these other children.  Here are some pictures from that day........ (and yes, Pierce had pigtails because Hadlee did that day and he insisted on some too!)

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