Balance in this Life

How do you find a balance in this life we are living?  Being in a third world country, trying to lose the last shreds of our first world mindset?

Moving into a different house recently, I find myself doing what would probably come natural to any Amercican in a new home for their family.....making it look nice.  I found myself contemplating what I could do to transtition the raw, concrete floors into something "nicer" and easier to keep clean.  Then it as if I wake up again, take a look around me, and realize where we are and that I can live with concrete floors.  Who needs tile when the majority of people we come in contact with have dirt as floors?

BUT how do I tap in to this balance of Third World vs. First World life?  How much do I deny myself or deny for my kids because life has choosen to deny it for so many others?  WHERE DO I DRAW THE LINE?????  Some lines are easy, as in "Yes, we can live without a t.v.", but others are much more blurred.  Do I take us down to two meals a day because others are lucky to get one?  Questions like these are what I am finding my brain being bombarded with on a daily basis lately.  Sometimes emotionally it feels like too much and I just want to scream.....scream for the unfair hands that so many of my daily companions have been dealt.  Am I saying that these companions need a western styly house with tile floor?  No!  Some of the happiest people I have met here have had the least in terms of material possessions. 

But I am saying that NO mother should have to watch their child starve to death when there is such excess of food in other parts of the world.  I am saying that NO mother should have to sit on a dirty, rat infested, hospital floor for four days, waiting for someone to care more about her son's life than about a few shillings they could make from a bribe. 

PLEASE, someone, help me find a balance to this life God has called us to live.
Matthew Ortega1 Comment