A Sad Farewell

Today has been the first full day of back to life without my mom here.  The house feels so very empty.  Pierce still asked if he could nap in Meme's room, even though there is no Meme to fill it.  I can 100%, without a doubt, say that being away from our family and close friends is the absolute hardest part about being in the mission field.  There are many lonely days.  Even being away from a church family that we were so very close with is extremely hard.  I know God can strengthen us through this goodbye just as He has done the past ones.  It sure is tough though.  Tough to see your children so very sad about goodbyes, about Grammy and Papas seen through Skype that they long to hug.  Just tough.  The peace of knowing we are right where God wants us does help though.

Today was filled with all of us trying to adjust back to routine.  Karson keeps having these horrible allergic reactions (post with pictures soon to follow) to something we can not find, so he spent most of the morning in bed, knocked out by allergy meds.  So with school looking doubtful, Jason and I decided to get some things moved over to the new house, search the town for bargain deals on things still needed and most of all rest.  A drive to Entebbe and back is exhausting, but adding to that the emotional drain we have all felt these past two days, just left us all unexpectedly tired.

I will write a post soon on the house and what our living arrangements look like here.  With pictures!  This mama is headed to bed though.  Of course, first I have to round up four kittens that are being scattered around our room by their crazy mother cat.  I guess that is what we get for letting our teenage cat get knocked up.  She really is insane I think!
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