Dreams of furlough...

                                            "There is no better place to hang out than a Mango tree!" -Karson

                                           "There is no better place to hang out than a Mango tree!" -Karson

I sat down with my dad and talked about what it would be like to go on furlough this fall.  We are all hoping and praying that we get to come to Texas in the fall. 

1. What are you most looking forward to about visiting the States?

Getting to see everyone, it has been almost three years since we have been back to Texas!

2. Where do you want to eat when you get back to the States?

Breakfast- Shipley's donuts for some hot glazed donuts and a filled bar.....mmmmm
Lunch- BBQ
Dinner- Shrimp

3. What food will you miss most from Uganda?

Beans & posho and Mommy's fresh made from scratch spaghetti sauce

4. What is the weirdest thing you have eaten in Uganda?

A roasted white ant in the village

5. What else will you miss about Uganda?

Getting to se all my friends in the village

6. What is the most interesting thing you have learned while living in Uganda?

Seeing what life is like in the village

7.  What do you do for school while living in Uganda?

Homeschool with mom & dad.  It is summer right now, so I just have a summer reading list.  I just fininshed Old Yeller, the book was sadder and different than the movie.

8. What is your favorite book you have read so far? 

Sign of the Beaver. It was an awesome adventure. 

9. What is a memory you have of the US?

Our old house on Remington Court, we were the last house on the culdesac. 

10. Are you excited about flying to Texas on an airplane?

Yes, I am going to watch movies and hopefully play games. Our friend Apio was asking me about flying on a plane. 


If you have other questions you want to know about my life here in Uganda you can send an email and I will answer them. 


Stay tuned until next time for more stories about life as a 9 year old, almost 10, here in Uganda!


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