We urgently need your help!

Let's Deck the Halls of Iguluibi with Nets!

In late November we began our Malaria Outreach Project in the village of Iguluibi. We have been amazed by the progress we are seeing in the village and the excitement and enthusiasm the villagers have for the malaria prevention program. 

The village leaders have embraced our project and every day we have volunteers helping us hang nets and travel from house to house with our supplies. Their enthusiasm is contagious! Because of their help and buy-in, we have been hanging about 240 nets a day (that's four times what we've been able to do in other villages)! 

There is a reason for their urgency. The rainy season, when malaria peaks, is taking its toll on this village. We estimate that to complete our Malaria Outreach Program in Iguluibi we will need 1,650 nets. 

Will you make an urgent donation to Healing Faith so that we can deck the halls of this village with nets and make sure every person in the village who needs treatment for malaria has access to it? 

We need to reach an additional 550 houses as quickly as possible and to do so we urgently need your helpWe must raise $9,000 to buy the nets, provide transportation to the village, pay our staff. Please help!

Please make an immediate donation. If you'd like to donate nets in honor of family and friends this Christmas, we have gift tags that you can download and print to let them know of your donation. 

We are grateful for your prayers and support of Healing Faith! 

Jessica WoodComment