Celebrate Advent with Nets!

This year to help celebrate Advent we are inviting your family to join us in a Nickels for Nets Advent Service Project! Through Nickels for Nets, families learn more about life for children in Uganda and are empowered to help by raising money to fund Healing Faith's Malaria Outreach Program! Every net we hang costs just $5 and protects multiple children in one family. 

You can plan an Advent Service Project in a few simple steps:

1. Download a Nickels for Nets Kids Packet and print the activity book to educate kids about malaria and ways they can help. 

2. Set a family goal for how many nets you want to raise. Each net costs $5 and one net helps multiple children.

3. Do chores to raise nets. Ask for donations and enlist other family members to help!

4. Pray together as a family for the children who will be protected by the nets you have raised.

5. Send in your donations to Healing Faith (info is in the packet). 

Download your free kit today to get started! And please share your projects with us on Facebook and Instagram with #NickelsforNets. 

Jessica WoodComment