A little red dirt

As we left the village, I looked at my kids and every one of them was covered in red dirt.  Their clothes, their shoes, their bodies and faces, all covered in red dirt…..

Driving into the Wakisi village, we planned to stop and check on the kids and make sure their Jaja had returned from Kenya (Blog post: Break my heart for what breaks Yours) After visiting for awhile we got ready to get back in the van and drive further into the village to the school, where we do the children’s outreach.  Just before we left, the ladies told Kari about a baby that had just been born across the road.  Never missing a chance to see a baby and check on a new mother, Kari and Hadlee went over to the new momma’s house. The lady greeted them in the front yard while doing all her laundry by hand.  She had just had the baby the day before with no assistance.  No hospital bed, no nurse, no doctor and definitely no epidural.  Just like so many other women in the village, she had her baby right there on the dirt floor of her hut.  Life goes on; the next day there was laundry to do and meals to cook.  As I saw this woman washing her clothes by hand I realized what strength and what resolve the people of the village have.  They have to, there is no choice.

These last few months God has been working on my heart, He has shown me that I do not have to have some program or well laid out plans to show His love.  I saw firsthand His love that day as my 5 year old daughter washed clothes in a basin and hung them out to dry.  I saw His love as my children ran through the village, through the banana plants having fun and just being kids. I saw His love as the village kids taught our kids to play a game with sticks and a tire.  I saw His love as Pierce played in the red dirt with his friends. I saw His love in a mother working hard to keep her family going only one day after having a baby.

James 1:22  “But prove yourself doers of the Word, and not merely hearers……

Know it, show it, live it!

As the title says, the kids were covered in “A little (ok a lot of) red dirt.  I could not have been happier and my heart could not have been fuller. 

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