My Heart is Full

It is February, Valentine's Day has past and my heart is full.  Not because I got flowers or chocolate on the 14th, but because life is good!

I am starting to see so much progress with the children's outreach in the village. Our village team is amazing and is really reaching the children.  On Valentine's Day we went for a regularly scheduled village
day and the kids made my whole day.  They were singing loudly, dancing and they are starting to remember some of the new songs we are teaching them.   They have really had a lot of fun lately teaching me how to say different phrases in Luganda, the local language for this particular village.   Last week we talked about Jesus being the way, the truth and the life.  Ekubo, Amazima, Obulamu (The way the truth and the life).  The kids are really hungry for the word.  For two weeks I have been talking with them about a relationship with Jesus Christ and that no one gets to the Father unless through the Son. This week I was totally unprepared to talk to them, to be honest I really meant to take the Jesus Story Book Bible, and I forgot it.  After singing, dancing and praise and worship, William asked me what I had prepared to for them.  I started talking and the words kept flowing and came directly from God.  I told them when I first starting coming to their village I had no idea how to get there, somebody had to show me the way.  The same way we were lost and didn't know the way, God sent his one and only Son to show us the way.

I also tried to explain to them Valentine's Day. Can you imagine a group of village kids trying to grasp the concept of showering each other with candy, flowers and gifts because we love each other?  I used it as a way to tell the kids that Jesus doesn't have a calendar to look at the days and say "Today is special and I love you"  I used it as an example to show them Jesus loves them every single day!  His love never ends and it never gives up on us. Bulijo, bulijo, bulijo, bulisawa (Every day, every day, every day, every time). They really love when I say these things in Luganda, even when I say them correctly they laugh and giggle.  They think it is hilarious when a big tall American speaks in Luganda.

I got to see Ali, who was back in the village after a successful surgery.  We got to follow up on a couple of kids who had malaria the previous week and showed no signs.  We got to fight against three new cases of malaria #MalariaBites.  We got to dress the wounds of a man suffering through chronic wounds.  Most of all we got to spread the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

My heart was full when I left Wakisi, it was a good end to the week.  It made me anxious and ready to get back to the village this week.  I am excited to see what God has in store for this week.
Matthew OrtegaComment