Muddin' in the Village

Today we had an adventure getting out to the village.  We are currently in the middle of rainy season, April is the highest rainfall month in Jinja.  It seems to rain almost every night here.  When it rains, it makes getting into the village very sloppy and iffy at best. The trip takes about 45 minutes and the last 20 minutes of the trip is down a dirt road that is full of pot holes, which all the roads here are, and ruts made from the huge sugar cane trucks that travel down the dirt roads. 

As we turned off the "paved" road onto the dirt road to get to the village, we were immediately met by three big sugar cane trucks in front of us.  One pulled over and we were able to pass, but that left us stuck behind two trucks. They were literally moving at a snails pace.  They were getting bogged down in the mud because they were so overloaded with sugar cane. The truck immediately in front of us started sliding off the road and I was sure it was about to tip over. By God's Grace it did not tip over, but it did get stuck in the mud.  I made the whole van nervous when I went around it by splashing through a big mud hole. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive.  We made it through and then spent the rest of the trip down the muddy road stuck behind the other truck.  We were going so slow I was worried we were going to get stuck due to our lack of speed.  We were literally passed by an old woman walking barefoot down the muddy road.  She had more speed on foot and definitely better traction than we did behind the slow moving truck. 

When we finally made it into the village the road was too muddy to drive down.  So we pulled into the village, I found a good spot to turn around and we walked the rest of the way. I wanted to be turned around and pointed in the right direction in case the looming storm clouds decided to let loose. You could see the confusion on the kids faces in the village.  They were all excited and started running to the van like normal and then all got really disappointed when we turned around to leave.  But to their excitement we  got out of the van and walked the rest of the way into the village. 


We made our way back down the muddy road, this time with no sugar cane trucks slowing us down. We made it out before the looming rains came again.