Village Victories

Today during out visit to the Kagoma Gage Village we had the opportunity to see one of God’s victories.  Several months ago we had a prayer request for a young boy named Vincent.  Vincent was in bad shape when the villagers brought him to us.  He could not walk or stand on his own, he could barely hold his own head up.  His eyes would not focus and they continued to roll back in his head and his breathing was shallow and labored.  He had visited the clinic and had been discharged with the only findings that he was anemic.  

The only thing we were able to do for him was pray for healing.   For several weeks it was the same thing every time.  Vincent was carried  up to see us with no improvement. Today God showed us His Glory in a big way.  As we were wrapping up and packing things up to leave, a little boy walked up to see us.  At first, I did not recognize  the boy,  but it was Vincent!  He was walking on his own and seemed recovered from his mystery illness.  God reminded us that He is the Great Healer.  For all the reference books, testing done at clinics and medication given by doctors. He reminded us that He is ultimately in control.  It is hard for me, especially as a man (must be a guy thing) to not be able to “fix” something.  I want to see a problem and fix it.  This time I could not find the problem and it frustrated me.  I saw this child in need, but could do nothing about it but cover him in prayer. And pray we did.   Sometimes I forget the power of prayer, I get so caught up in what “I” can do and what “I” can fix.  Humble was the word of the day today.  God humbled me and reminded me He is the one in control of circumstances, not medicine, not medical testing and surely not me. Prayer was the best medicine we could provide Vincent and prayer healed him!

O Lord my God, I cried out to you for help, and you have healed me.” Psalm 30:2

Not only did we get to see God at work, we got to have fun as well.  There is a small team visiting from South Carolina, with a ministry called Voices for the Voiceless, that had the opportunity to visit the village with us.  They had the chance to see the excitement of the kids when we brought out the soccer ball.  The big hit of the day was nail polish.  Some of the girls sat down to paint nails and to say they were mobbed was an understatement. The kids were all so excited to get their nails painted and even more excited to show us once they were done.  

It was another amazing day in the village filled with blessing and another day for God to reveal His Glory.

Pierce and his buddies


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