The Truly Simple Things

Awhile back I wrote a blog about how I missed the “simple” things from back home. The Simple Things 
The simple  things like autodraft to pay your bills and the simplicity of swiping your debit card at the grocery store were on my mind.  I have a new perspective on the simple  things. This perspective came from an unlikely source.  The children of Kagoma Gate Village taught me a lesson about the  ”simple things.” Last week we visited the village and one of our kids brought a balloon with them in the car. When we got to  the village we tossed it out the door as we were greeting the children.  You would have thought we had unleashed the  greatest thing ever.  The children all ran and chased the balloon trying to keep it from touching the ground. The older kids  and younger kids alike ran, jumped and screamed trying to keep the balloon in the air.  It brought so much joy to them to  chase and play with something  as simple as a balloon.
While visiting the village with friends from back home, it started to rain.  When rain comes it usually is a signal for us to  jump in the van and head out.  The red dirt roads can very quickly turn into red mud and rivers of muddy water.   My kids  described the rivers of mud one time as the chocolate river in Willie Wonka. They thought it was awesome seeing the water  run in literal streams down the road as we were trying to get home.  I was praying we would make it out.  This time the rain seemed a little different, so we stuck it out.  I huddled in the van keeping a watchful eye on the roads, meanwhile the kids of the village huddled under the edges of the grass thatch roofs of the hut and sang songs.  Nobody wanted to leave while we were still there.  They sang and danced in the rain.  The kids sang songs praising Jesus in both English and Luganda with huge smiles on their face.  They were happy to sing and dance and just to hold our hands. As I sat in the van watching the scene in front of me unfold, I thought what greater fun and joy is there as a kid than to sing and dance in the rain?
The children always get really excited when it is time to get out the soccer ball.  They all know that when we are there for a fun day and a social visit that when I go to the back of the van, it is time for the soccer ball!  We have a couple soccer balls that we take with us each time we go to the village.  Today was no exception.  There was so much joy and excitement when the soccer balls came out.  A group of boys immediately organized a game on the small field they have there.  While a group of girls played catch and keep away with another ball.  A ball, a simple soccer ball.  It didn’t make any sounds, it didn’t have any buttons to push, it was just in its simple form as a ball.  A ball brought so much fun and excitement for the afternoon.
I learned a lesson from the children of Kagoma Gate that day, the simple things in life are not the conveniences I miss from back home. The “simple” things in life  are sharing a smile with someone and holding their hand, playing with a balloon,  soccer for hours and singing songs in the rain. There are many days that I get busy with my to do list, job duties and the struggles of everyday life and I miss out on the truly “simple” things of life.

I have included a video of the joys and smiles of a soccer ball .  If this doesn’t make you smile, especially the little girl at the end, then just go back to bed and start your day over with this video. Soccer Ball Smiles
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