Pray for Isaac

Keep Isaac in your prayers.  Yesterday we had to take him in to be seen at the Jinja Hospital, but it took some convincing for him to go.  I came home from running some errands in town around 10:30 or 11:00 and we realized Isaac had not come over; he was still in his room in bed.  When I went to check on him he was in a lot of pain and seemed very weak.  He was having abdominal pain and had been vomiting.  I gave him some pain medication and nausea medication and told him to rest.  As we checked on him throughout the day he continued to deteriorate. Meme finally convinced him that he needed to go to the hospital and that we would be with him every step of the way.

God was again surrounding us with the right people.  As we were checking on Isaac his landlord came to see what was going on.  As it turns out she is a nurse at the Jinja Hospital.  First, she was upset because she did not know he was sick, second, she went into nurse mode and started getting Isaac taken care of.  She put on her uniform, loaded in our van and took us to the hospital.  She took us right into the hospital, did an assessment and wrote a report for him to have an X-ray and ultrasound of his abdomen. By the time the report and assessment were complete the radiology department was closed. Rose was determined that they were going to open back up for her.  She said “I am in uniform they can’t refuse me.”  After much debate between Rose and the radiology staff she lost this battle, but this would be the only battle she lost.  We went to a clinic down the road that had X-ray and ultrasound capability.  When we got into the clinic there were 5 people waiting for X-rays, Rose pushed to the front and said this boy is very urgent.  We got to the front of the line and the X-ray Technician was nowhere to be found.  Rose went and found the man, who was taking a break, and had him come back to take an X-ray of Isaac’s abdomen.  Once we were done with the X-ray we went to the waiting area for an ultrasound.  Upon arrival we found at least 20 people waiting for an ultrasound.  This just wouldn’t do.  Rose went to the front of the line, went into the doctor’s office and told the doctor Isaac needed to be seen immediately.  Once again Rose got her way and Isaac was seen next.   

We took Isaac back to the Jinja Hospital where she had a bed waiting for Issace and Rose had the doctor come see him immediately.  He was diagnosed with adhesions (fibrous bands that form between tissues and organs, often as a result of injury during surgery) from a previous appendix surgery 4 years earlier.  The adhesions have caused an obstruction of the small bowels. The doctors have started him on IV antibiotics in hopes it will reduce the inflammation.  They are also trying to keep him comfortable with pain medication. If the antibiotics do not take affect by tomorrow they will consider taking him in for surgery.

Please continue to pray for him and that his health returns so that we can all see that infectious smile that you all fell in love with.
Matthew OrtegaComment