Encouraging Week

We have had a really encouraging week and God is really presenting Healing Faith with some great opportunities to serve. We met with a ministry called Welcome Home this past week.  It started as a place for the kids to visit on “Field Trip Fridays”.  Kari came up with the idea of taking the kids on field trips on Fridays since they have home school Monday through Thursday. We visited an orphanage called Welcome Home.  This led to a meeting with the Ugandan Director of the ministry which led to a meeting with the American Director who happened to be in Uganda this month. She shared her heart and her vision with Kari and I and we did the same. This led to an opportunity for us to provide medical care to the villages they already have relationships with and minister to.  This is exactly the vision Kari and I have for Healing Faith.  We want to come alongside already established ministries to help  alleviate medical expenses for those ministries.    God is really providing us with great  relationships

I was able to go into a couple of villages deep in the sugar cane fields with a “Village Team” from Welcome Home.  They have teams already assembled that have relationships formed with the villagers and they provide Bible lessons. This will be one of the areas we work with the team that is coming from 

Brazos Fellowship

There was a malnourished baby in the village and the director of Welcome Home took matters into her own hands.  She asked the villagers which one of them owned chickens.  At first nobody raised their hands, but after some persistence she found one man who stepped forward.  She asked him if he wanted Jesus to bless him, to which he answered yes.  She told him that in order to be blessed he needed to bless this child.  She told him to bring the mother one egg a week for the child for two months.  She told him she would be back to check with the mother and to check with him to make sure he followed through. It was great to see how she got the fellow villagers involved instead of just  giving hand outs.

We also had the opportunity to do a follow up visit on two of the malnourished babies from the village team with Arise Africa.  Baby Aminia was the only one who was at the meeting but praise God she looked much better. She had more life in her eyes, her face was fattened up,  her skin was not sagging nearly as much and she was able to sit up on her own.

Follow up 2 weeks later

Original photo 2 weeks ago



Playing futbol with the kids. Their ball is made of plastic bags tied together with a banana fiber.

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