The Training Wheels are Off

We have officially completed our 5 months of training at New Hope Uganda and the training wheels are off!  We had an incredible experience and learned so much, we are thankful that God provided us the time at New Hope to learn.  Had we not gone through training our hearts would have been in the right place, but our minds would have been lost. The training we received will be very valuable as we begin working in the field.  We covered a variety of topics; cultural training, world view, child care and family training, Old Testament, New Testament, Orphan heart, manhood/womanhood, orphan care and raising a family in the mission field.

We have officially made it to Jinja and have begun the process of settling into our new home for the next six months. We have had a busy week of unpacking, getting supplies for the house and having furniture built.

I started working in the Mafabira community with Emanuel Luffafa and we discussed plans for  hygiene for his village.  I am very excited to be hygiene education  there and assessing the strengths of the people within the community and determining where we can be of the most assistance.  Emma and I also went to the Karamoga Village to discuss the possibility of working on hygiene in that area. We waited to talk to the Chairman who is the head of the village. We had to speak to him first because nothing in the village happens without his blessing and we would not be granted access without his permission.  He told us he would meet with us in 10 minutes, which turned in to 2 hours of waiting.  While we waited I had the opportunity to speak with the people of the area, play with some of the kids, make a poor excuse for a hand rolled bead with the women of the village and talk to the head of the Village Health Team.  She was very excited about the possibility of us assisting with  hygiene within the community.  The Chairman was very receptive of us assisting the village. We hope to begin that work in the upcoming week.

My attempt at a hand made paper bead. 


We look forward to what God has in store for us here in Jinja and where he is leading our family.

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