Musana Mishap

We started the day bright and early headed to the Musana Camps on Lake Victoria.  Getting 10 people out of the house and into the van by a set time proved to be a bit of a challenge, but we made it out the gates by8:05am.  Everyone was excited for the day and the adventure ahead………little did we know.
 The trip did not go exactly as planned.  We saw some absolutely beautiful country and enjoyed our adventure.

Then we hit the “bad roads” as our directions indicated.  However, I use the term road loosely. We are use to bad roads since we have been living inUgandafor 6 months; however this took it to a whole new level.  We hit ruts and pot holes so bad that at one point everyone got out of the van to lighten the load so that we did not bottom out again. Once we cleared the bad area everyone loaded back up, only to have to unload again. Isaac had to lead the way and pick out the best path for us to navigate the road.  He would have to squat down and look under the van to make sure the differential would clear the ruts, bumps, holes and rocks.  While Isaac and I tried to navigate the roads, Kari, the four kids, Auntie Megan, Auntie Fara and MeMe all walked up the road to meet up with us again when the road was “better”. Karson had a run in with a praying mantis that attacked from the bush, but to get the full story you will have to check out Karson’s Korner ( At one point the road got so bad we decided to cut our loses and turn around.  We never made it to the Musana Camps, however we did try to salvage the day by having a picnic overlooking a beautiful valley.  We got to share our picnic with one of the local little boys who joined us.

Everett is actually standing knee deep in one of the ruts in the road

On the way home, back down the dusty bumpy road the kiddos crashed out.  We somewhat redeemed the day when we came around the corner and saw a monkey run across the road.  We woke the kids and stopped to take pictures and the more we looked the more monkeys we saw. There must have been 10-15 monkeys in the grove of trees.  We were all so excited.  Karson kept saying over and over “It’s my first time to ever see a monkey!” We took pictures and watched them for about 10-15 minutes.  Isaac thought we were all crazy and thought it was funny that a car full of Muzungus was so excited about monkeys.

 After 8 hours of driving, we finally made it back home.  We never reached our destination but we had quiet an adventure along the way.

Matthew OrtegaComment