Vision of Manhood

During our training at New Hope Uganda we have been discussing manhood and what it means to truly be a man.  We have been challenged to write a vision of manhood and have been revising it throughout the course.  Here is my vision: 

A man is someone who walks in and fights for the truth, loves the Lord first and foremost and upholds his Christian beliefs and values even in the face of adversity. A man exerts his God given authority, while coming under and submitting to the ultimate authority of the Lord. A man seeks accountability from other believers and walks side by side with other men and holds them accountable in their journey with Jesus Christ.

In my manhood I want to be a husband who leads my wife closer to the Lord boldly with confidence, compassion, open communication and understanding. I want to be aware of her needs both spoken and unspoken and meet her physical, spiritual and emotional needs by leading her by the hand towards her walk with Christ.  Doing all this while dying to my selfish flesh and loving her the way Christ loves the church.

In my manhood I want to be a loving father who enlightens my children and nurtures them in a way that leads to a relationship with God as their Heavenly Father. I want to teach them to submit to proper authority, to lead them in a manner that teaches discipline, obedience, respect, self-control, patience, kindness and compassion. I want them to reflect Christian values both in my presence and when away from my watchful eye. I want to lead my boys on a path of Christian manhood and lead them in their journey to becoming a man of God. I desire to be a father that honors and protects my daughter and guides her to a path that leads to Christian womanhood through a journey with her mother towards Jesus Christ. I desire to lead my children and have a relationship that facilitates open communication with any situation in their lives. I desire to reflect the love of Jesus Christ in all aspects of my parenting so that God may be glorified.       

As a man I want to reflect the light of Christ by being slow to anger, non-judgmental of others, compassionate and understanding towards my fellow man and not succumb to the evil influences of this world. To be a man in the eyes of the Lord I desire to die to myself by not giving into my earthly desires of greed, self pleasure and earthly possessions. I will strive to be a safe harbor for those around me, so that women, children and my fellow man feel safe, confident, comfortable, honored and respected in my presence. I aspire to be a man that reflects Christ’s love in my thoughts, my words and my actions. As a man I desire to live a life of repentance because ultimately as a man of flesh I will fail. I want to take my success and failures to the cross, so that I may live a life that honors and pleases the Lord in every way and brings glory to His kingdom. 
~Jason Segner