Daydreams of food

So we spent this afternoon at lunch daydreaming about what foods we would have if we were back in the States. Here is the list of what each person came up with; we each named an appetizer, drink, main dish and dessert. Hadlee’s is most interesting, but it was word for word from her mouth.

Kari- chips and salsa from Ozona, Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper “easy ice”, Sam’s 3 meat pizza, movie theater butter popcorn

Everett- hot dog on a bun with ketchup, mustard and relish for an appetizer
Chocolate milkshake for his drink, cheese pizza from Papa John’s, and Spoons frozen yogurt for dessert.

Karson- Shipley’s Donuts for an appetizer (warm glazed), a Sonic sour apple slush, soft tacos with juicy chicken and home-made brownies to round it out.

Hadlee- hot dogs with syrup, ketchup and mustard to start things off, apple-orange juice, hot Chucky Cheese- cheesy macaroni pizza, and for dessert what else but a cake with Hot Tamales spicy candy and chocolate chips (not the Black box  she says those are too spicy, but the red box; you Hot Tamale lovers will know what she means)

Jason- Fried pickles from Chicken Oil Company and chips and queso, Big pile of wings and tenders from Wing-n-More with lots of ranch, Cherry Lime slush from Sonic to cool things down, and Blue Bell ice cream anything with chocolate.

Pierce really didn’t voice his opinion but I would assume peanut butter, since that is what he lives on here.

Since we could not have these things we settled for the spaghetti they made us  for lunch with chunks of “mystery meat” and mushrooms. For dinner tonight Kari made an incredible home-made chicken noodle soup.  She even cooked and cleaned the chicken herself, this job is usually reserved for me.  Luckily we did not have to prepare the chicken ourselves; Kari was able to get  a frozen whole chicken from one of the family groups that was already plucked and ready to cook. She added some egg to the soup which made it delicious!  She made some Texas sweet tea to go with dinner, thanks Mom for sending Lipton Tea bags! For dessert, since they were fresh out of Blue Bell ice cream on this continent, she made Snicker doodles from scratch. The boys each ate four bowls of soup,  I would venture to say they liked it! Kari has become quite creative in the kitchen having to make everything from scratch.

It has been raining a lot here lately, which is a good thing.  It has filled our cistern enough for us to pump water back into the tank so that we can have water for shower and dishes again. I sure took running water for granted back in the States.  We had a storm blow in on Friday that was crazy.  The adults were all playing volleyball and Karson was at futbol practice.  It started lightly raining which was not a big deal because it had been doing that for the last few days.  All of the sudden the bottom let lose and it was pouring down rain.  We could not make it home, but luckily there was a covered porch near the volleyball court, we all took shelter under that with the 3 younger kiddos.  However, Karson got stuck at futbol practice and ran to a friend’s house.  While the wind was howling and the rain was coming down we realized we had left our windows open.  So I ran home in the pouring rain and hail to find our bed, bedroom floor, Hadlee’s bed and Everett’s bed already soaking wet.  I closed the wooden shudders on the inside and moved everything away from the windows.  There is no glass in the windows, only screen, so you are at the mercy of the wind to determine if the rain blows in.  We called and found out Karson was taking refuge at Uncle Keith’s house with a towel and dry clothes, so we settled in and weathered the storm.  We got everything dried out and it even stopped raining in time for us to walk down to dinner.

With all the rains means we can start working the fields with the Samuel Family, on Monday we are going to plow the fields with Oxen.  It should be an adventure, stay tuned for pictures of me Ox plowing...

If you follow Karson’s Korner he has a great one planned for this week, if you don’t you should check out his stories.  A little teaser for next weeks story from Karson….. Karson’s Kreepy Korner.

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