Child-like Faith

It is amazing to me the faith that our young children have. I have been both proud as a parent and moved as an individual to see how this journey that God has put us on has made an impact on our children. This past week we went to he post office to get our passports taken care of for the whole family. While we were filling out paperwork another family with a little girl about the same age as Hadlee came and waited in line. Hadlee began talking to the family and telling them "We are going to Africa to help the people." As I listened from nearby I heard the other mother asking many questions. The mother asked where we were going and Karson told them Uganda. She asked how long will you be there to which Karson replied "forever." I did not hear the rest of their conversation but I watched as Karson, Everett and Hadlee shared with this family of complete strangers all about our journey to Africa and what we have been called to do. Karson gave the family an information card with our family photo on one side and information about Healing Faith on the other. As we left the post office that day Kari and I never had the opportunity to speak to the family, we only smiled as we walked by. I was amazed at the boldness and the conviction of our children telling this family about our move to Africa. However, the story does not end there. That evening we received an email from the woman at the post office.  Her email stated: "The precious Segner children spoke to my heart in the post office today as they applied for their passports. May God keep you safe on the adventure!" A woman that Kari and I did not have the opportunity to speak with was moved by our children ages 6, 4, and 3 enough to make a gracious and substantial donation to our ministry. Kari and I were both in such awe and so touched that we were speechless. I think that is the problem, we were speechless. At times we both struggle with being bold in our faith and sharing with everyone we encounter the story of Healing Faith. Not our children! They will talk to anyone and everyone that will listen and will share with them our story. I think Kari and I both learned a lesson that day in child-like faith from our own children.

Hadlee moved us on her own this week. She has been talking non-stop about her sister that lives in Africa.  She has decided that when we move to Uganda that she will find a sister. Kari and Hadlee were looking at some photos online from a mission team that is currently in Uganda when they saw a picture of a little Ugandan girl in a skirt. Kari continued to flip through the pictures when Hadlee said "wait I think that was my sister in that skirt." Hadlee did not see a little girl that looked different than her, she just saw a little girl she thought should be her sister. At what age does this change? At what age do we "see" the world differently? I was amazed at her child-like faith only knowing she wants a sister. 

This past week was an amazing reminder, a renewal as to why we are following God's call. With the to do list growing longer and longer the stress level is staring to rise. This past week was a renewal of that child-like faith thanks to a chance encounter at the post office and a lesson learned from a 3 year old little girl who is looking for her sister in Africa. 

What do you need to do to renew that child like faith?
Matthew Ortega4 Comments