Things continue to move forward with our move to Uganda… and we have exciting news regarding our ministry! Donations to the ministry are now tax deductible! Very soon we will have a Healing Faith website which will allow for online donations and will tell the story of our family and our journey to Uganda.  You can also read about what God is doing in our lives through Imani Tumaini Upendo, Swahili for Faith, Hope, Love at Imani is a non-profit organization that is partnering with us to make this vision of serving in Africa a reality.  Follow the link Imani Family to read the story of our family.

We embark on a fundraising road trip in July with the whole family.  We have a specific prayer request that God would grant our children unusual patience as we will be on the road for two weeks and traveling about 2600 miles.  We will be traveling through the Dallas area, , Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, East Texas and back home.  Whew, it makes we tired just thinking about it.  We are excited to go on the road to share the story of  what God has placed on our hearts.  We ask for prayers of safety while traveling.  We also pray that God is preparing the minds and hearts of those we are going to share our story with.  We also pray that those that are called to donate to and partner with  our mission will begin to do so as we have many costs upcoming while still here in the states to make the move for our family of six possible and to begin the work God has called us to do in Uganda.

Kari is currently enrolled in a midwife training program in which she will gain valuable knowledge and training in order to assist the women of Uganda with bringing their babies into the world.  This came as an unexpected turn during Kari’s trips to Uganda. One thing she found was that she was drawn to help the women of Uganda. After hearing horror story after horror story of how some of the women were treated or in some cases not treated during their deliveries, Kari felt called to help.  After delivering five children of her own she could not imagine the conditions in which these women were delivering their babies.  We would ask that you pray for Kari during this task, specifically that she would have the time and quiet environment to study.  This can be a huge challenge with all four kiddos at home.

Please pray that our fund raising trip would be a success and God would open doors, hearts and minds. We are excited to share our story with anyone who will listen.  We are thankful each day as God continues to move in our lives in preparation for our journey to Uganda. Our  prayer is that those who have like minds would prayerfully consider supporting our ministry and allowing us to work together as the body of Christ, your support would allow us to be the “hands and feet” of Christ to do His work with the children of Uganda. 
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