Lemon Aid Results

Thank you to everyone for your support with Karson's lemonade stand.  The kids had such a great time and Karson was BEYOND excited about the money that he raised.  With a generous donation from Daniel Stark Attorneys, Karson was able to raise over $250 for the kids in Uganda.  While the boys were counting the money, Everett was so excited that he exclaimed that he would go empty his piggy bank so they would have even more money for the o-fans (orphans).  I feel so blessed to have them as my kids.
Special Thank You To:
Rachel and Jennifer for working so hard on selling the necklaces!
Mackenzie and Hildi for doing an awesome job on helping Karson with his stand!
Jenny for hosting the event and letting us crash it!
The Klimas, The Goodwyn's and Sandy for going out of your way to stop by!
And Jessica for always being there to document things for us!

Here are some pics for those that couldn't make it! (Thank you Jessica Klima Photography!)
The Whole Gang with Imani's Rachel (l) and Jenny (r)

Service with a Smile

One of his helpers, Hildi

Hadlee, Pierce and cousin Isaac chillin' in the shade

Free yogurt from Project Yogurt, always a plus!

Winner of the 5k - Everett!