Canaan Children's Home

So I have SO much that I want to share.  Trying to decide where to start I figured I should start with Canaan's just in case you only read this one entry and decide I am a terrible writer and give up on me.  I will forever be changed by the children that I met at Canaan's and by Pastor Isaac and his wife, Rebecca.
(the precious children of Canaan's)

Canaan Children's Home is a ministry started in 1996 by Pastor Isaac and his wife.  Isaac has the MOST incredible testimony and life story that I have ever heard.  There seriously could be a major Hollywood movie made of it, but they are the most humble couple you will meet.  He received a clear vision from God to father the fatherless and Canaan's is the result.  In total, they care for 120 children with the help of some incredible servants of God.  They feed them, shelter them and educate them.  They depend heavily on sponsorship for the children.
This is Frank.  He is the newest part of our family, by way of sponsorship.  He is 2yrs old and has been at CCH for about 6m.  I am amazed that my friend was able to get these smiley pictures of him because usually anytime he saw one of us Mzungu's (white people) he started crying and ran to one of the two people that he trusted in this world.  
At first I thought it was just us, because we were white, but he pretty much has the same reaction to all the staff.  He broke my heart.  To be so young and already so afraid of the world.  
I made it my mission for the week to earn his trust and I made big progress in the world of Frank.  When we were leaving he had Chris, a 13yr old boy that he constantly clung to, to find me so he could wave goodbye to me and shake my hand.  That little gesture meant the world to me.  
Of course, maybe he was smiling so much at me because I was finally going to be leaving him the heck alone, but I like to think it is because he truly began to like me.
Either way Frank will forever be a part of the Segner household and we will remember him daily in our prayers and support him the best that we can.  

There are still many children that need sponsorship.  I can vouch that your money will be going to an incredible ministry to support some amazing young kids.  For more information please visit their website at

Pastor Isaac truly does have an amazing story and I hope to find a way to share more of it, but you can see a short video about him and CCH here 

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