'Tis the Season

'Tis the season for..........stress and financial woes?  I really hope you are not one of the many Americans that fall into this category this Christmas season.

If I am being honest with myself (and the one or two people that may be reading this!) it is hard not to fall into this category each December.  I have felt so convicted lately though, every time I even think of letting myself have a little pity party.

I could let myself worry about how our electric bill will be paid next week given the fact that my husband has not been able to get any part time work for over 3 weeks and we heavily depend on this each month.  I could let myself worry about where money will come for Christmas presents.  I could even let myself worry about where the last of our money needed for the trip will come from.

BUT  each time I even begin to let one of those selfish worries creep into my brain I am reminded about the NUMEROUS blessings I have received.  Blessings that should be consuming my each and every thought this Christmas season.

When I think of even how our Lord came into this world, how can I possibly complain for one second?  As a mother, the birth story of Jesus has taken on a completely different meaning to me.  I can't imagine traveling by foot or donkey in my last trimester......in the cold......giving birth in essentially a barn......with NO pain medication.  What a miracle we were given that we all too often so easily overlook.

During this Christmas season I hope and pray that I will continue to focus on this miracle.  To focus on ALL the many, many blessings that my family has and how unworthy I am of even one of them.  I pray that I will remember to truly focus on the meaning and reason of why we celebrate Christmas and not let any selfish worrying take away from that at all.

I hope you will be able to do the same.

I Cor. 1:5 "For in Him you have been enriched in every way...."

For me.......' Tis the season for miracles, the gift of our Saviour's birth, cherished time spent with family, incredible friends, a warm place to rest my head and a house to protect my family each night, food to eat, and too many blessings to even count.
Matthew OrtegaComment