Why do I ever doubt how big God is??????

Huge praise report........ When we found out we were going to Uganda, Jason and I decided that we wanted to do a little more and find out what sort of medical supplies the clinics at the orphanages needed.  Honestly, I was thinking band aid, gauze, maybe a few syringes.  Well we got back a pretty lengthy list ranging from those first aid products to a dental chair.  Yes, a dental chair.  I thought, how in the world would I get a dental chair and if I did, how would I get it there?  I couldn't even begin to imagine what shipping something like that would cost me and we already had quite a bit of money to raise.

Well, I decided it couldn't hurt to check around and since my sister does work for a large dental chain, I thought I would start there.  My loving sis gave me the link to a form that I would need to fill out.  I got a reply....... the answer was no :(  They said that they do help out with charitable contributions, but they like to keep it to where they have practices set up and they didn't have any in TN currently.  I promptly emailed back and said that the organization I was traveling with was based out of TN, but that I lived in College Station where there was an office and my sister worked there (thanks Heather for letting me drop your name like a celeb!).  They emailed back and said someone would call me to talk about it.  5 days later and still no call so I figured that was it, better luck next time.  WELL tonight I got an email stating that they would love to help me out and thought what we were doing was great and they had not one....not two.....but SIXTEEN dental benches for me.  They will be ready in 6weeks and they said they could ship them to a central location for us to disperse as needed once we were there.  WOW, never doubt what can happen.  Our God is a BIG God.

UPDATE:  We are having issues getting the chairs to Uganda.  The dental company that donated them said that they are willing to ship them anywhere we need stateside, but not to Africa.  I still believe how BIG God is and that we can get a dental chair to the clinic.  Please continue praying for this matter and that we are able to provide this need for them.  Thank you!
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