Standing in the way of Him

We are currently reading Francis Chan's Crazy Love for our home group right now.  A book that I HIGHLY recommend if you have not had a chance to check it out yet.  Anyway, in one chapter he talks about how seldom we think of actually being in the presence of God when we pray, even though that is exactly what we are doing, going before Him.

To help with this recently, before my prayer time I close my eyes and have been trying to get a mental picture of actually going before what I think God might look like.  In my mind, I picture entering a doorway to this HUGE room.  So large in fact that there really isn't walls.  God in my mind is almost like looking at the sun.  Just this large brightness that you just instantly kneel down before.  I picture angels standing behind Him.  Now, I never claimed to know anything close to what this moment would really look like for us.  I just wanted to give you a picture of what it is in my mind.

This morning though, when I was imagining all of this before praying, something happened.  I couldn't get the image of so many people crowding behind me, waiting for their turn to go through the doors.  I kept seeing myself standing in the doorway and, being a rather tall person, all of God's light and glory was being blocked to those standing behind me.  However, when I bowed down before Him, His light and the full impact of who He was, was able to shine past me to the people waiting.  Only then could they truly see Him.......when I got out of the way.

I kept trying to get these people out of my mind and get back to the praying that I was trying to do, but there they were.

Finally I realized what I was supposed to be seeing here.  What a great reminder of how we can get in the way of others truly seeing God's glory and all that it is.  We so often get full of ourselves, or don't live our lives as He has called us to live and others may only receive small glimpses of His kingdom.  It is only when we bow down, humbly before him that His light can shine through us.
Matthew OrtegaComment